Best Quality Audio DAC

"We are back": Did you hear about T-DAC, RPi-DAC or Durio Sound Kickstarter, Gravitech Durio Sound?

I have designed a new version, Lyrebird PiDAC. It is the second generation of RPi-DAC system:
better quality, lower price, easier to use, focused on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and as high-end audio device.

It is again a modular concept with flexible options. You can enjoy your music as best quality achievable with carfully selected electronic circuits and optimized schematics and PCBs.
You decide how far you want to go: start small with Single Stereo and 120 dB SNR or go better with Dual Mono, Switched Power Supply (SPS). Or even best as Dual NOS with FPGA for digital sound processing including upsampling and increased bit resolution, potentially to give you more as 132 dB SNR. It makes it really an Almost True24 Bit DAC.

Network audio streaming with audio quality what you can feel: Enjoy audio without compromisses.

Lyrebird PiDAC is an Audio DAC solution intended for the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, only. And the modules will be used in an even more sophisticated commercial network and wireless audio streaming product, e.g. as a Quad-Amping DAC. Watch out for coming more, soon.

Lyrebird PiDAC SingleStereo:
PCM1794A, TPA6120A, low noise LDO, direct AC input, output for headphone or small desktop speakers

Lyrebird PiDAC DualMono:
2x PCM1794A DAC board, output as balanced XLR. RCA, Headphone and small speakers possible

Lyrebird PiDAC SPS
Power supply for DAC and Raspberry Pi, with Switched Power Supply modules

FPGA used for upsampling, rate conversion, increased resolution, Dual Mono in NOS mode

Lyrebird BiAmp DAC
BiAmp with DualDAC, or as DualMono, NOS

Lyrebird QuadDAC
QuadAmp, or BiAmp with DualMono, NOS


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