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Please, watch out for a new DAC solution which should be called Lyrebird True24 DAC

Any future plans?

Actually, the RPI-DAC project has been finished, just small updates a done still (on PCB).

Nevertheless, I am thinking to extend the RPi-DAC, esp. with additional options and modules, such as (ideas):

  • use a larger FPGA for audio processing, e.g, filtering, upsampling, dynamic range extension (CmodS6 is too small)
  • use XynergyXS FPGA as front end and audio processing (original intention)
  • change the DIR9001 into another S/PDIF receiver supporting 192KHz or larger - why? FPGA module can upsample
  • design Bluetooth module as native form factor module
  • add a power amp, e.g. paX or similar, with error correction and excellent THD
  • use I2C (SW) controlled parts and micro-controller to adjust the system
  • add microphone input used to measure room characteristics, system response, in order to setup system accordingly to your environment
  • put all, with RPi-DAC-IF, into enclosure and add micro-controller, e.g. for input select, mode select

The concept of modules, to combine all in different ways as well as the 3D Setup should be kept (which gives yu the smallest space needed.

Offer as a product?

Best would be: RPi-DAC is not just offered as DIY, offer as a complete as well, as a commercial product. Find partner companies to manufacturer, to ship or to bundle with other solutions.

I am working on it and it depends on the requests I get to ship such as a product. Please understand the situation I am in, as a private person to turn into a commercial product and service.

Make it even better?

Yes, for sure I am watching constantly silicons which can be used, e.g. better OpAmp.

I have found one, very excellent in terms of Slew Rate and noise, I want to try

New idea is: create a True 24bit DAC, a DAC which is able to support really 24bit and 144dB SNR

This should be done via 5 (five !) DAC modules per channel plus FPGA and best analog circuits (OpAmps), still modular and options to upgrade any time.

Please, watch out for a new DAC solution which should be called Lyrebird True24 DAC