TJ's FPGA/SW projects - or as Pilot JaekelT

Remark: I do not sell, I do not play anymore with electronics on a commercial basis (just for fun and myself) - instead: I am flying airplanes now

Lyrebird APP Lyrebird Pi2DAC T-DAC, RPi-DAC STMF4 Discovery USB Audio Pico-C STMF4 Discovery UART Lyrebird True24 Network Audio Chromecast Audio uDANTE AES3, AES67
Lyrebird APP

Lyrebird APP - Lyrebird APP plays Network Audio - NEW

Lyrebird APP plays Network Audio - Professional Network Audio for everybody: monitor, play, analyze (see spectrum), process and more ...

Lyrebird Pi2DAC

Lyrebird Pi2DAC - best quality DAC for Raspberry Pi 2

Network Audio Player with great audio performance.

STM32F7 Discovery Audio

STM32F7 Discovery - a Sound Card with LCD, Touch and Interfaces

A cost-effective Audio Sound Card with S/PDIF and USB interfaces, VU Meter etc.


Audiophile T-DAC and I2S RPi-DAC for Raspberry Pi - It's now Durio Sound

The best audio quality I2S DAC (optimized for best sound), also possible to use with Raspberry Pi or other sources.


Raspberry Pi B+ works with RPi-DAC, RPi-DAC-RCA - It's now Durio Sound

Use the latest Raspberry Pi B+ (plus) and the I2S DACs to enjoy best audio quality.

STMF4 Discovery and BLE


STMF4 Discovery as host for the BlueGiga BLE113 IoT module.
Please, be excited to create mobile IoT BLE applications

STMF4 Discovery Audio USB

T-UDAC : USB Sound Card with STM32F4 DISCOVERY and T-DAC

The STMF4 Discovery project (Coocox) as USB sound card works.
Please, be excited to create an USB headphone sound card for just USD 15.00
Configured for 24bit, 48KHz - it works also on RPi-DAC

Pico-C STMF4 Discovery USB UART

Pico-C on ARM Cortex-M4 (STM32F4Discovery and XynergyXS FPGA) with USB UART

Use the STMF4Discovery with USB VCP (USB UART Port) and Pico-C command line (shell) to have access to all board registers and features.

Write C-language like scripts in order to test the board or to implement new commands and features.


Lyrebird : a True24 bit DAC

Check out the concept to create a True24 bit DAC which should really provide a 24bit quality

Watch the progress of the project, the ideas and implementation


ACOBS : an ACtive OBject firmware System

a multi-threading firmware framework for ARM Cortex processors, based on Active Objects and Run-To-Completion approach
C Language for Silicon DV